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Anew (Brava) Magazine’s Women’s Expo

Distinctive Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics has provided the dental and skin makeover for the Women’s Expo for a few years in a row. The following photos show the transformations.

Makeover winner Pam

"Dr. Shipley, You are my hero! I don't know what I would have done without you! All those hours you put in for my benefit is more than appreciated. I will continue to tell everyone about your tremendous talent and genius. I love my new smile, I get so many compliments because of you. (Michelle & Wendy thank you so much!) Also my deepest thanks to all your staff for my beautiful skin - I cannot believe how fast & simple Obagi is. Thank you all so much for everything including my lips. WOW! Kristi you are a pro! I love you guys! - Pam
P.S. I’m missing your corny jokes!”

Dentistry - Gum "lift"

14 Premium Art Veneers,
Crowns, Bridges.

ZOOM Professional Whitening.

Makeover winner Linda

Tooth and Gum Re-contouring, Metal Filling Replacement
8 Premium Art Veneers,
8 Bonded Composite Veneers

"Once again, Dr. Shipley, many thanks for my smile. I have received so many compliments including an email titled "Are you for real?" The compliment was well taken with much appreciation to the charming and skilled Dr. Shipley!!!" - Linda S.

We helped orchestrate the Main Street Makeover show from it’s concept through several seasons – a local “Extreme Makeover” version. Candidates met at our office for dental evaluations and for Charter TV representatives helped choose the makeover winners for their show. The Dental and Facial episodes were featured along with hair, makeup, and glamour clothing.  These are just a sampling of the many makeovers we did during the show’s airing…


Holly's look changed dramatically after an extensive Dental Makeover and Facial treatments. Yes, it really is the same person! 8 weeks from beginning to end, without plastic surgery, Holly received 26 Premium Art Veneers & Crowns, Neuromuscular Bite Registration, a Gum “Lift,” Microdermabrasion sessions, and prescription skin care.


Marcy's smile shows her exuberance of having a new smile to be proud of! Dr. Shipley gave her 6 anterior Premium Art Veneers, 4 Bonded Composite Veneers, Periodontal surgery for gum-re-contouring, and an Orthodontic Appliance.

Read Marcy's note of thanks

Your SMILE is the Ultimate Accessory!
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