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Your Free Consultation will help determine which of these
treatments will rejuvenate your own smile.

General Dentistry
Dr. Shipley provides the full spectrum of General Dentistry services and is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA). This includes:

* Cleanings and Exams, X-rays
* Gum treatments (Periodontics)
* Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)
* Crowns and Bridges (Fixed Prosthodontics)
* Full and Partial Dentures (Removable Prosthodontics)
* Fillings
* Limited Orthodontics
* Bite adjustments
* Night Guards and other Dental Appliances

As a Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Shipley makes beautifully natural dentures. They are fashioned to the patient's neuromuscular bite, and personally set-up and waxed to anatomical proportions by Dr. Shipley.

Our hygienist Dorie is experienced in advanced periodontal (gum) issues, licensed to administer local anesthetic, and is familiar with every aspect of general dental needs. She works closely with Dr. Shipley.

Teeth Whitening
We offer in-office "laser" ZOOM whitening and professional take-home options by America's #1 Tooth Whitening company Discus Dental (as seen on ABC Television's Extreme Makeovers).

Premium Art Veneers (Indirect Veneers)
Created by world-class dental ceramists working hand-in-glove with Dr Shipley during this process, these veneer/crowns are truly the pinnacle of merging art and science. In short, these are the best anywhere!

Spaces can be closed, and "crooked teeth" can be straightened ("instant orthodontics") without actually moving the teeth. You get incredible results with a permanent natural smile that will never discolor or stain, in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Another unique feature of Dr. Shipley's makeovers, is that you get to "test drive" a mock-up of your new smile with custom temporary veneers to assure you love the "end result" while the ceramist completes your case. If you feel your new smile needs tweaking, it can be done and incorporated into the final result. No surprises!

Many of our patients in the "Smile Gallery" have Premium Art Veneers as part of their smile makeover. Incidentally (not as you might expect) these Manhattan and Hollywood quality Premium Art Veneers are priced at Mid-Western competitive fees.

Tooth Bonding (Direct Veneers) Tooth Bonding Before Tooth Bonding After
Using the premier proven direct bonding materials and techniques (Cosmodent Products exclusively), Dr. Shipley can repair and reshape a variety of tooth tissues with natural, seamless results. He has even done entire smile makeovers with direct bonding (see "Smile Gallery"). Direct Veneers are less expensive than Indirect Veneers, because the lab expenses are bi-passed. Further, Indirect and Direct Veneers have "pros and cons" by comparison, which Dr. Shipley would explain at your complimentary consult.

Smile Lift Package
Exclusively ours! A non-invasive painless reshaping of uneven, non-vital tooth structure and gum lines, along with teeth whitening for a packaged fee. For some people, this is all that is needed for a fresh, pleasing smile. It is often used in conjunction with larger smile makeovers.

TMJ Issues
We have several solutions to ease TMJ and Migraine discomfort, including the effective NTI device which is the only mechanical device approved by the FDA for these conditions.

Mercury / Silver Filling Replacement Filling Replacement Before Filling Replacement After
Responding to the desire of many patients to have the "mercury" and/or "metal" taken out of their mouths, we have developed a replacement program that saves you 15% off the new filling/restoration fee and gives you Free Whitening when you decide to have all your tooth-blackening mercury/silver fillings replaced. In time, these archaic fillings often crack teeth or fracture off cusps of enamel, causing more extensive restoration such as root canals or crowns. Recent research has shown that 95% of all mercury/silver fillings over 15 years old have tooth decay underneath (which often does not show up on x-rays). There are many reasons to replace your old fillings, and the new composite ones have a tremendous track record!

Occlusal ("Bite") Rehabilitation
Using measurements from the shape of your head and individual muscle memory, your ideal bite position can be re-established to comfortably allow your jaw to be relaxed while chewing and in rest position. These corrective procedures can range from minor adjustments to the biting surfaces of involved teeth, to correcting the issues by crowning the necessary teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Full Mouth Reconstruction After A combination of Occlusal Rehab, metal replacement, and teeth measurements, your ideal smile can be a reality. In several cases, like the one shown here, the full-mouth restorative dentistry gave her a pleasing "dental face lift" by properly elongating the lower 1/3 of her face. This has the visual effect of "youthenizing" the patient to give her a look she had 15 years ago.

This revolutionary treatment helps guide your child's teeth, correcting problems at an early age. Orthopedic straightening of teeth without braces, addresses overjet, overbite, crowding, rotated teeth, and spaces for ages 5-12. It has been shown that relapse tendencies and dental health problems later in life are reduced by correcting these problems early. Having attractive teeth can also bolster a child's self-confidence!

Does your smile reflect who you are?
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