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Do you accept my dental insurance?

YES. We will help you learn about your dental insurance plan and how to maximize it. We are happy to file customary dental insurance claims for you. Generally, we can accept the insurance portion of payment, as long as you can see any dentist with your plan. Your estimated portion of your bill will be discussed and due at the time of service, and ultimately you are responsible for all services rendered.
Delta Dental Insurance
Have Delta Dental? We are in-network provider for Delta Dental plans across the country.

When preparing my teeth for Veneers, will you be removing much of the existing tooth?

We conservatively preserve all vital tooth structure. The final result of Veneers or other restorations is stronger than tooth enamel when permanently bonded in place.

What steps to you take to ensure health & safety?

Sterilization CenterWe have strict protocols using recommended standards from the ADA (American Dental Association), OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control) to protect our patients and ourselves from any cross-contamination. Nestled in the middle of our patient-pampering environment is a state-of-the-art sterilization island, dedicated to cleanliness and sanitation. We voluntarily use all latex-free gloves and disposables wherever possible.

I have a “gummy” smile and hate smiling big. Can you fix that?

We routinely re-contour the gumline to enhance a smile. Think of it as re-shaping your cuticles when getting a manicure. Our smile-lift package includes this “gumlift”, tooth re-contouring, and teeth whitening at a reduced combination fee.

I've heard you offer a “non-surgical face lift”… how does that work?

The teeth and oral structure forms the foundation for the lower half of the face. Resultantly, when the teeth are in correct position in relation to the jaw, the TMJ, and neuromuscular bite, they correctly support the external structures of lips and cheeks. Cosmetic Dentistry is truly artistic when considering the entire facial structure that is involved to create a wonderful, natural enhancement. Certainly, if you are considering a face lift in conjunction with reconstructive dentistry, start with the cosmetic dentistry. In many cases, the dental makeover eliminates the need for more invasive measures.

I am having dental pain right now… what do I do?

Ours is not an emergency clinic. If you are an existing patient, we will work to get you in as soon as possible when you call us during business hours. If your situation is more urgent, you may need to consult your medical doctor or local hospital.

There are functional reasons I need reconstructive dental work. Can you restore a comfortable bite for me, like I had years ago?

Cosmetic dentistry is first a Science and then an Art. Form follows function, and we take many preliminary steps to ensure the placement of your bite is in harmony with your TMJ functions to achieve comfort and function from your new dental restorations. This type of reconstructive dentistry requires advanced training and experience that Dr. Shipley possesses. There are many functional, health reasons to seek cosmetic dentistry, besides the appearance factors.

What is the difference between “Bonding” and “Veneers”?

Basically, Bonding is a 1-visit treatment to reshape the teeth with composite material and Veneers are a 2-visit treatment, adhering a lab-processed porcelain gem to a prepared tooth. A consultation will open up the discussion of which type is best for your situation. Porcelain Veneers are generally priced higher due to additional dental laboratory fees and are more permanent in nature.

Why do you provide only non-metal restorations?

Primarily for aesthetics, as tooth-colored materials blend into the smile as though you’ve not had any dental treatments at all. We eliminated all “silver” fillings from our practice over 15 years ago, as new bonded composites do not “leak” and cause recurrent cavities like the metal fillings can. “Silver” fillings contain a high percentage of mercury, which raises many health questions besides the dental problems of expansion and contraction resulting in fractured teeth and cracked filling material. Many European countries have actually banned the use of silver-mercury fillings. We’ve had amazing success with the finest composite fillings that in fact strengthen the tooth, and in larger areas, lab-processed materials that conservatively reserve tooth structure.

I’m not interested in the time and money for regular implants, what about the mini-implants you do?

There is certainly a place for mini implants – for securing prosthetics (dentures/partials) and stabilizing fixed bridgework. These MDI implants are ultra-small (1.8mm width), made of biocompatible titanium and FDA approved. They are the latest advancement in reconstructive dentistry, and may be your solution to prevent shifting prosthetics or help restore your smile. They are significantly less expensive than traditional implants and require less time for the entire process.

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