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D.O.C. Brush D.O.C. Brush

The answer to overcoming gum desease
and tooth decay, caused by "bacterial plaque"

As with the skin care of your face, where the removal of dead skin cells prevents blemishes and encourages health, The D.O.C. addresses skin inside your mouth. It promotes natural healing by wicking moisture, loose cells, and basic plaque with its special absorbing bristles.

The formation of dental disease requires three key ingredients: sugar, basic plaque, and bacteria. Sugar and bacteria are always present in our mouths, but basic plaque can be removed daily - and with its removal, "bacterial plaque" can be prevented. (Conventional oral hygiene practices - tooth brushing, flossing, mouthwashes - do not address basic plaque)

The D.O.C. reverses an initial cause of dental disease, resulting in healthy gums which are tight to the teeth, clean, and free of plaque. While most mouthcare products and techniques add the mature stage known as "bacterial plaque," only the D.O.C eliminates plaque at its basic stage. This is true prevention when practiced daily.

"...Over 30 years, those fortunate enough to employ this unique mouth care philosophy...have enjoyed excellent oral decayed teeth and no gum disease." -J.E. Phillips, D.D.S., M.S. (Gum Specialist)

D.O.C. Brush - Step 1 D.O.C. Brush - Step 2 D.O.C. Brush - Step 3

"I was first introduced to your brush in the late 70's when you had them at the dental convention. I was working as a dental assistant at the time. We adopted your technique and were teaching it to our patients. Well, I just turned 86, and am still using it. I have most of my teeth and my gums are strong." - Victoria D.

"60% less tarter buildup than with traditional brushing with toothpaste and water..."
Pasteless Brushing Research - Jan. 1998 Bottom Line Personal
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